Tattoo Removal What to Expect when Finished?

I have 2 tattoos on my forearms there about 1yr old they are in all black ink i have begun laser treatment on one im on my 4th session and only 20% removal of the tattoo (NaturaLase QS 2J laser they use) also it started to become hypopigmenated but is healing slowly I’m Black with light/yellow skin have you had someone like my case in your offices? also since the tattoos are on my inner forearms is surgical removal not possible do to veins in my arm?

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Tattoo removal with laser

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laser tattoo removal often requires montly treatments for at least 10 treatments if not more, so if you have 20% improvement in four treatments you are doing well. The hypopigmentation is a concern. Longer wavelengths are better for your skin so as not to depigment your skin (which is permanent and different than temporary hypopigmentation). the Naturalase has four wavelengths from which to choose.  The 1064nm. wavelength is the safest for dark skin as it is the least prone to cause  hypopigmentation Surgical removal will leave a guaranteed scar, but is possible regardless of the underlying veins. Risks of the surgery must be explained to you when you are seen in consultation.

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