Can Newer Tattoos Be Removed?

I recently got a tattoo I don't love; I desperately want it OFF. It's dark (all black, 2x6 inches), only 2 months old, and my pale skin really absorbs ink. Is laser even worth it, or would 15-20 tattoo removal sessions will still not remove something so fresh/dark? Is excision an option on the shoulderblade, or is that area too over-flexed and would tear stitches? I don't mind the scarring if it means getting this off.

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Newer Tattoo Removal

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Hi Regretful,

Removing Tattoos that are only 2 months old is not a problem. The results you would obtain and the number of treatments will not be significantly different than if you had the tattoo for 2 years of 15 years. Normally, the expectation we set for tattoo removal is that it can take between 5-15 treatments, but generally speaking for a one color tattoo that is all black you should finish in 5-10 treatments.

Hope this helps.

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