Will Laser Completely Remove Eyebrow Tattoo?

My eyebrow tattoos are now nearly all gone, but there is a slight shadow left. It seems the laser treatment is less effective each time as the tattoo gets lighter. I'm assuming it's because the laser is having a harder time breaking up the lighter pigments. If I continue laser treatments, can I expect the tattoo to be fully removed? Is there a special laser or setting to remove this shadow?

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Thank you for the question.  I think your assessment regarding the residual pigment is correct.  I would suggest allowing many months to elapse before any further treatment.  This waiting period may allow the body to further remove pigment and avoid further laser trauma to the skin (and the risk of scarring and/or pigment changes related to the laser treatment). After this waiting period  If you are still displeased with the appearance seek consultation with several laser specialists  for in person examination and advice.

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Lasee removal of eyebrow tattoo.

Each further treatment with laser removal may provide some improvement but less is expected each time. It may never be all gone.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Eyebrow tattoos can be quite effectively removed with a laser.  It sounds like you have had several treatments and have responded well, but a light shadow remains.  Two pieces of advice at this point.  1) Take a break for 6 months before treating again.  Sometimes the skin can get pigmented or have vessel in growth from repeated treatment, simulating the tattoo shadow. 2)  Try a different laser wavelength.  Most likely you were treated with a 1064 NM q switched Yag.  Switch to a 755NM alexandrite next time to target the pigment differently.  I have had success with this type of therapy.  Hope this helps.  Best regards

Dr D.

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