Tattoo Changing Color During Laser Removal?

My pink tattoo has turned blue. I had about 6 previous laser treatments with much of it faded. I had to stop treatment almost 4 years ago because of pregnancies and now just had my 7th treatment. I am a little concerned because this treatment darkened the remaining pink ink and seems more visible all around. It wasn't looking like the butterfly it once was, but almost a bruise. Now it is distinctly a butterfly again. I was told that the laser pulled out ink from beneath the surface that wasn't visible. What the heck is going on?

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Tattoo changing color after treatment

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Pink tattoos are at risk for turning darker after a laser removal treatment with a q switched laser. The reason is the ink used to make pink is a mixture of red and white pigment. The white ink component is titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. When these pigments are lasered they can turn blue or black. The darkened pigment can still be removed but will require more treatments to clear. Often a test spot can be performed on pink or white tattoos to see if this will occur prior to full treatment.

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