Tatt2Away - Tattoo Removal, Any Thoughts on this Treatment Option?

With recent research, I have stumbled upon a procedure that has originated in the UK for removing tattoos. The product is Tatt2Away and it is a cream injected into the affected area(Tattoo) in which your body rejects and forces the pigmentation out with it. Although it seems fairly new, the results from what are available online seem far ahead of lasers and much cheaper to. Any thoughts?

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Cream for tattoo removal

Injecting a cream into your skin sounds like a bad idea.  Any time you inject something into the skin, you run the risk of getting an infection or an allergic reaction or scarring.   There have been countless products over the years which have been touted as being great for tattoo removal.  I have never seen any of them work and I have seen scarring from such products.  I would stick with legitimate medical practitioners and avoid anything that sounds gimmicky.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Regarding lasers, we have started a new protocol for tattoo removal whereby we treat a tattoo four times with laser on the same day.  Results are typically much more dramatic with this technique compared to the traditional technique of treating tattoos just once each time.

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