Tattoo is 1 Inch X 1 Inch. Most Effective Way to Get Rid of It?

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Most effective way to get rid of a tattoo

A tattoo whether large or small is most likely best removed by laser.  The color of the tattoo will dictate which laser is best for the most part.  A new laser, the Picosure laser has been shown in studies to be very effective in removing pretty much every color except red, for that the Q-switched lasers do very well.  The Picosure is interesting because it is 100x faster than any other laser, which helps it to shatter the ink into smaller particles than current lasers in use, resulting in needing much fewer treatments. There are only about 15 of these Picosure lasers available right now, but more will be coming.  I have one in my Phoenix office, which is the only one in the Southwest at the moment.  The others are scattered around the country.  Google Picosure Physicians to find if any are in your area.

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