Is the Enlighten Pico and Nano Genesis laser for dark spots better then the other lasers?

I've tried several different lasers for my dark spots on my arms and nothing has really worked. The Dr is now recommending that I get TCA peels on them, but the down time is longer then I'd like. Do you think this new laser is worth trying.

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Enlighten Laser for brown spots

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The Cutera Enlighten laser gives the physician the widest range of options and power to treat any brown spot on the skin.  That said, not all brown spots are alike and it takes a skilled experienced laser physician to evaluate your areas to see why they have not responded in the past.  So the problem could be that your spots may be more resistant to treatment, or that the device that was used was either not the best, or was not utilized to get the most results.  The device+ the experience  and knowledge of the physician = the best results!!

Philadelphia Dermatologic Surgeon

Picogenesis is the way to go

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By your description, I think you should certainly seek Picosecond technology and we love love our Enlighten for Picogenesis.

I think this has a great likelihood of getting these dark spots that other Lasers failed to remove.

Best of luck,

Dr. Amy 

Amy J. Holland, MD
Marietta Physician


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Thank you for your question.  PicoGenesis is a novel treatment for pigment, it uses a picosecond pulse which fires so fast (10^-12) it essentially creates a little earthquake in the skin, this reverberation disrupts the pigment and causes the body to clear the pigment leading to more youthful, radiant skin.  It is highly effective for skin.  Previously, Dermatologists used q-switched lasers to treat pigment.  Q-switched lasers fire in the nanosecond (10^-9) domain which does not cause the same effect as picosecond lasers.  Most modern lasers fire in the millisecond range which is 10^-3 so you can see how much faster picos are firing.  If you have not tried a picosecond laser, it should work much more effectively to clear pigment.  Regards, Dr. Matt Elias

Matthew Elias, DO, FAAD
Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon
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