PS Upturned Nose With Tape At 3 Weeks Post-Op, What's The Reason For That?

I'm 3 weeks post-op and my nose is taped!, my ps upturned my nose with "the tape". What's the reason of this Technic? Will my nasal tip drop to a natural position?

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Nasal taping can be used to maintain the position of your tip

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Nasal taping can be used for a variety of reasons.  Like casting a bone following a break, nasal taping is used to maintain the position of the newly created nasal tip and dorsum, and to help prevent significant swelling following rhinoplasty surgery.  I am not entirely certain why your nose needs to be re taped at three weeks time, especially if you are hoping that your tip will fall to a more natural appearing location.  I would ask your surgeon if there are any concerns they have with regards to your particular post operative course or if this is standard for their rhinoplasty patients.

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