Taping the Eyelid Skin for Lagophtalmos- Can This Cause Eyebrows to Droop?

I had a very small Lagophthalmos after double eyelid surgery, and my doctor suggested I tape them down when sleeping, for a few nights (did it for maybe 5-6 nights sleeping). It went away but about 3 weeks later my eyebrows feel heavy on my eyelid skin.Could this be correlated? Could I have overstretched the upper eyelid skin?? I'm 19, and some people told me that taping them like that wouldn't affect the eyelid skin too much unless done for a long time (1-2 months every night)

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Lagophthalmos After Double Eyelid Surgery

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For a 19-year-old to have a small lagophthalmos after double eyelid surgery is not uncommon and it usually goes away after a few weeks with or without tape. Therefore, taping was not completely necessary. The reason why your brow feels heavy is that, because the double eyelid surgery clears any excess skin that hoods over, you now would not have to use you brow to elevate the excess skin. You should feel the brow descending and this is just a sensation that your brow is now low in position. Another reason why your brows may feel heavy is that you might have weakness in your eye-elevating muscle. If your eye-elevating muscle is naturally weak, you would try to raise your eyelid and also try to raise your brow at the same time. This would cause your eyes to feel heavy and tired. Thus it is a good idea to get your eyes evaluated. I also want to add that the most important thing is how you would look overall after the surgery, as how one looks often correlates well with your physiologic conditions during the surgery.  

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