Tapered Eyelid?

Hi, i have epicanthol fold in my inner corner of my eyes. I am going to do double eyelid surgery soon. I want to do a high tapered crease. If i want to do a high one, do i need to do epicanthoplasty? Is there a difference between a high tapered eyelid with epi and a high tapered eyelid without epi. And also, tapered or parallel eyelid can be more deepset and obvious?

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Yes it can help

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Although you may not need to have epicanthoplasty performed at the same time of your upper eyelid surgery, epicanthal folds may look more prominent after the surgery. It all depends how you accept the results of the eyelid surgery alone. In my experience I see that generally patients are more happy with having wider horizontal fissures along with vertical fissures after having the both procedures performed at the same time.

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Epicanthoplasty or Not. Parallel vs Tapered Crease

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Without knowing how your face and eyes look, it is difficult for me to give you an advice on whether or not you should consider epicanthoplasty. Your doctor should be able to show you with a mirror the change in appearance you may see if epicanthoplasty is included. You should also know the risks associated, poor scarring and asymmetry being two major ones.

Both tapered and parallel folds can be made deep and more obvious if one desires.





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