Does my circumcised vagina has a problem?

I was circumcised when was young and I am now 24, recently I feel on top of my vagina where a clit used to be pulling out and it has been for sometime. It's making me unconformable and I would like to know if I might have a problem.

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Circumcision a problem?

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Dear jblacktz,Thank you so much for sharing your concerns. Female circumcision can take many forms and cause a variety of problems from none to significant pain or lack of functionality. I have seen and treated many with this condition. The key point to your inquiry is not just the different variants of anatomy that will inevitably be present but the functionality for you; physically, mentally and emotionally. Before embarking on a variety of treatments or other interventions your anxieties can be addressed with a consultation by experienced pelvic and reconstructive surgeon for a full evaluation. Wishing you well.

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Female Circumcision

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You only have a problem if you believe there is a problem.  The only way to know for sure is see a  surgeon who can help you in revision surgery.  You state if makes you feel uncomfortable, but i am not sure if that means physical pain or emotional or sexually uncomfortable.  Please make an appointment with a surgeon who can assess your condition.

Chronic pain from female circumcision

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Female circumcisions are done in several ways and leave problematic scars at various sites. Scar release is the key to effective management of pain issues. An examination would be needed to determine exactly how your scars need to be released. Other than discomfort, there is no way to tell if you have developed any other causes of pain without an exam.

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