How Does Tanning at a Salon Affect the Skin in Later Years? Is It Just As Bad As Direct Sunlight?

This is a general question and does not personally apply to me. I know a woman who tans every day under a tanning bed. She has one in her home. She has been doing this for at least ten years and looks hideous to me but of course, she feels she looks wonderful. How will this affect her skin in twenty years? She is 36 years old right now. I have not been in the sun for over forty years. My skin is still smooth and quite taut for a 62 year old woman. Glad I listened to my aunt years ago.

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Tanning Beds

You have a legitimate concern. Tanning beds can be more harmful than direct sunlight. I have had patients that have developed skin cancer as a result of using tanning beds. These patients had weekly sessions at salons, not daily use. This should be stopped at once.

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