Went Tanning Right Before a Glycolic Peel - Will This Permanently Damage my Skin?

I went tanning RIGHT BEFORE a 80% glycolic chemical peel (DUMB IDEA). During the down time my face was oozing yellow liquid immediately. On the one side of my face where it was oozing the liquid the most,there was a huge red area that looked like a giant scab. It was very painful even in my inner cheek. It is now 3 weeks after the chemical peel and I have a pink blotchy area that still has not gone away. I just want to know if this is normal and if the blotchy patch of skin will go back to normal

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Tanning and Glycolic Peels

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From what you described i think the blotchy patch is a post inflammatory pigment from the scab that you mentioned and will most likely subside. I recommend that you start using a topical vitamin c to try to repair the damaged tissue as much as possible, as uv damage accumulates and will show up years later.  Use SPF everyday and be careful to not get any additional UV light/sun on this blotchy area as it could complicate the healing process by hyperpigmenting.

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