There is Any Chance I Can Get Muscle Contraction Again?

6 month ago I had breast emplant 300 cc silicon i went from 34 to 34 c , but my left side it's hard and higher ,I'm going to redo the surgery next week but I'm really really afraid to get back the muscle contraction ,my doctor said he will redo the surgery for my left side only ,but I'm afraid to not be even ,I don't know what to do I'm in point to remove them if my surgery didn't came out good

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Capsular contracture?

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It sounds like you had a capsular contracture. Muscle animation deformities may have occurred with the implant under the muscle.

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Harder and Higher after Breast Implants: Capsular Contracture

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   Your muscle should not have been affected during the breast augmentation as far as its ability to contract.  Once the capsule is removed, you should feel less tight and hard.

Capsular contracture

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It is not the muscle that is contracting but the capsule of scar around the implant.  Revision surgery is an option and would be reasonable.   There is no women in the world who has identical breast, there is always slight variations.  The surgeon will try their best to make you as even as possible I am sure.

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