Should I Wait to Have Children Before I Fix Severe Capsular Contracture and Bottoming Out?

I had a primary breast augmentation in July 2011 (500cc, smooth silicone, periareolar incision, under the muscle). I started developing capsular contracture in my left breast at week 6 and wihin 2.5 months it was grade 4 (currently hard, painful and leaking). Right one has bottom out a little. I may have children soon (1-2 years). Should I wait to be done with pregnancy to fix my boobs (I plan to use Strattice). I am really at a fence for my best option.

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Timing of Revisionary Breast Surgery Is A Personal Choice

Patients are often concerned about the effect of future pregnancy on the results of their cosmetic procedure.  As you are aware, pregnancy has significant effects on the breasts and body due to hormonal changes, weight gain, and mechanical stresses.  If pregnancy is imminent, then delaying a procedure to after things have returned to baseline makes a great deal of sense.  If childbearing is going to occur at some time in the future then the decision becomes a personal one.  You must weigh how much benefit the procedure will give you in terms of improved body image and quality of life against the risk of losing some of the benefit due to pregnancy induced body changes.  Unfortunately, how much the body will be affected is completely unpredictable.  It can vary from no effect to significant changes.  

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Breast capsule

When to re do a breast aug is not always an easy question to answer.If you are so uncomfortable that you have trouble getting through the day then I would have it done.After having children your breasts will in most cases get smaller and may sag so a redo would be inorder.

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Timing Breast Revision Surgery Before or After Pregnancy?

Dear Margarita,

Thank you for your inquiry.

I believe it may be more comfortable to you to undergo the surgery soon since you have mentioned that there is pain involved in the current situation and the implant is leaking while a projected pregnancy is about 1-2 years in the future to be by delivery and lactation.

That being said, it is an absolute personal preference to delay your surgery till after pregnancy.

Also, it is important to mention that once having a CC the patient tend to have a certain degree of recurrence.

I hope this helps and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Capsular contracture

Wow this is a terrifically bad post operative course. If you have grade four contracture with pain then revision is necessary.

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Severe Capsular Contracture and Bottoming Out?

If you have a painful contracture and a leaking implant, I would suggest addressing those problems now and not waiting. Were you to get pregnant and the symptoms got worse, you would face a tough decision about having surgery while pregnant.

Given the severity of the contacture and the bottoming out with large implants on the other side, Strattice is a good choice.

Thanks, best wishes. 

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Timing of capsular contracture treatment

The decision on whether to treat severe capsular contracture now or wait until having children is up to you. Agree with Dr. Repta on this and that you may need revision after kids. All depends on pain level for you. Agree with your choice on using Strattice

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When to have a revision.

It is unfortunate that you are having such an issue following a standard procedure. The decision to wait until after having children for a revision may not be possible if you are experiencing pain and drainage now. It is necessary for your plastic surgeon to rule out an infection, in which case removal of the implants is necessary quickly, and should relieve your symptoms. Replacing the implants eventually is possible, but here the decision will be yours to make if it is before or after having children. Also realize that pregnancy, and especially breast feeding, may have a significant impact on your breasts and size and shape changes may necessitate a different size implant to restore lost volume, and that a mastopexy (breast lift) may also be indicated. Most important decision to be made now, though, is whether or not your current implants should remain in place. Definitely seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon that you trust. All the best.

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It will be a personal decision


Thank you for the question.  The decision will be a personal decision.  If you are having pain which a 4 th grade capsule contracture would indicate I would have everything taken care of at this time knowing that you may need a revision after you have children.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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Capsular Contracture Before or After Pregnancy

    Grade IV capsular contracture, painful capsular contracture, should be taken care of if the pain is hampering your daily activities.  There may be an argument for trying to correct the capsular contracture before getting pregnant.  Having the surgery during pregnancy will not be an option.  You do not want to be in pain throughout your entire pregnancy.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast augmentation Los Angeles, CA

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