Will they round up? Will open wounds close up nicely? (photo)

I had surgery Nov 13, I know it's still way to early to judge but just wanting to know will my breast possibly heal nice? Between the weird shape at the bottom (not being normal and round) and the open wounds I'm starting to feel discouraged. I know the open wounds have been seen before but what about the breast lift weird straight shape (no roundness to it)..will my skin eventually stretch and implant will drop? I appreciate the feed back. I also attached a before pic. Thanks!!

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Breast Augment

Hard to tell at this point, it is consistant with the vertical technique that it takes months for things to settle nicely so hang in there and wait to see what happens at 3 months

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With a vertical lift technique, it's normal for your breasts to look upside down initially.  It will take many months (6-12) to see what your final result will be.  Patience is a good idea.  As for your open wounds, you need to be examined in person to determine if they are on their way to healing.  Please discuss your concerns with your PS.


Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Normal look after a vertical lift

Your pictures show breasts that seem to be upside down.  This is normal after a vertical breast lift.  It can take good 3 months for them to settle down, but they will.  Be patient

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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