9 months post op, what is the best of type of sports bra with intense workouts?

Hi I'm not asking brands just simply wondering from an AA and went 425cc silicone ba, (last October) should girls wear tighter snug sports bras to limit bouncing? Will the snugness effect the implant at all? I usually wore one but felt bouncing so now I'm wearing 2 sport bras that are snug and push so they don't move as much. Is that ok? I love them I don't want them to change shape or fall more? Thanks

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Sports bra

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It sounds like you are doing the right things.  There should be a sports bra that gives you good support and limits tissue movement and stretch, without having to wear two of them. That's usually a sign that the fit or support of that particular bra isn't optimal.

In addition to Title 9, ChampionUSA.com has a good selection.  Specialty bra stores also carry good sports bras by Panache, Anita, and Shock Absorber.

Sports bra after breast augmentation

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The bra that gives you the least movement is the best, but obviously not so tight that you can't breathe!   Check title 9 sports website or catalog.  They have an impressive selection of sports bras, even for large breasted women and miminal movement (each bra is rated for this).  I am sure there are other similar stores, but this catalog and wide range of choices was impressive.

Roxanne Sylora, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Firm supportive sports bra is best with exercise time months after augmentation

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Basting description it sounds that wearing to bras is providing adequate support.  You're correct that you want enough support so that the breast do not bounce and move a lot during exercise.  However avoid 1 constrictive breast that is so tight it is uncomfortable.

Bra to use after a breast augmentation

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Basically you want some good support to dampen the bouncing up and down of the implant.  It is this jack hammer effect that can cause stretch deformities.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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