Plus Size bed - I don't want a boob job or tummy tuck but I'm afraid my stomach is not going to look right. (photos)

So Ive feel like I've been comparing my body to some of these females that are here I've lost so much weight I'm currently 5'6 220 and I could go for about 210 I'm top heavy and I have stretch marks but no sagging skin I was a solid fat not sloppy and I really don't wanna loose nothing but maybe 10 more pounds because my boods are going to be disgusting if I get to 200 or less.  I need support I'm alone

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I don't want a boob job or tummy tuck

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This is the most ubiquous question ,if it is as i assume,why is your stomach not going to look alright? especially ,when you havent done anything?The photos you have kept are they preop or post op?What kind of support you are in need off?Please be more clear with your questions ,so that we can be of help

Plus Size bed - I don't want a boob job or tummy tuck but I'm afraid my stomach is not going to look right.

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If you do not desire cosmetic surgery- then you should not pursue it. The photos that you show- are not clear as to what they represent. If they are post-op results- they are unacceptable. Cosmetic surgery of the abdomen- is intended to improve this type of abdomen. I would recommend that you take the time and spend the money to get a thorough in person physical exam from an experienced BoardĀ Certified PS

Weight loss and surgery

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my best advice is to get into a good doctor directed weight loss program. Once you are at a more ideal weight, then see a plastic surgeon for an evaluation and don't worry about what large weight loss having an effect on other body parts. Your health is the most important thing! Good luck


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Unfortunately, it is not apparent to me exactly what your question is nor what surgery you may have had. Are you able to provide more information about your concerns?

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