Is it better to use saline or silicone when getting a lift and you have sagging, uneven breasts? (photo)

My breasts are sagging and uneven due to breast feeding. I wear a B cup. Is it better to use saline or silicone when getting a mommy makeover? Is it too risky to get my hernia fixed, TT and breast lift together?

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Is it better to use saline or silicone when getting a lift and you have sagging, uneven breasts?

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Performing these procedures may be reasonable if you are healthy and the surgeon is an expert at all of these procedures.  Surgery time should probably be limited to around 4 hours or so.  The choice of implant is yours.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Saline or silicone

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Thank you for your picture. 

I prefer saline. Saline implants are adjustable. They will help even out your breast size. Time he took an hernia repair may not be the best idea. You can have loss of your bellybutton if the hernia is to be fixed around it.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, M.D., DDS, FACS

Saline vs silicone for breast implants

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Both saline and silicone are nice implants to use for breast augmentation. There are pros and cons to each. As long as the individual is over 22 the options it theirs.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

Is it better to use saline or silicone when getting a lift and you have sagging, uneven breasts?

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It is common to do the breast and tummy surgery at one time as long as your health is good. As to implants, either saline or silicone will give you a nice look, but most patients (and doctors) think the silicone has a more natural feel. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 29 reviews

Saline vs silicone breast implants and breast lift

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Generally speaking, the lift in and of itself is not affected by the choice between silicone and saline. The main difference between these 2 implants is price and feel.  I personally prefer silicone because I find them to feel softer and more natural as opposed to a slightly harder saline implant. In addition, if a saline implant ruptures, you will know it immediately as your body will absorb the saline and the breast will flatten. 

Megan Jack, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 15 reviews

Silicone implants have a better safety rating than saline

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Overall there is less tendency for reoperation with silicone implants. The saline also does not look or feel as natural. The breast procedures can safely be combined with the abdominoplasty and hernia repair if your overall health, height and weight are deemed okay by your surgeon. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 92 reviews

Is it better to use saline or silicone when getting a lift and you have sagging, uneven breasts?

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Whether the combination surgery is indicated and/or safe should be evaluated on an individualized basis.  Factors such health status, physical examination,  goals,  selection of plastic surgeon,  exact procedures planned, estimated blood loss, duration of surgery,  recovery considerations, anesthesia provider, surgery facility are all important  considerations. In regards to the use of saline versus silicone gel breast implants, it will be important for you to educate yourself about the pros/cons associated with each type of breast implant. For example, silicone gel breast implants tend to have a “softer” feel and less potential for rippling, compared to saline breast implants.  I would suggest that you select your plastic surgeon carefully. Ask to see lots of examples of his/her work and communicate your questions, concerns and goals carefully.  Best wishes.


Saline vs silicone breast implants

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Both saline and silicone breast implants are very safe.  In my opinion the choice comes down to feel.  I recommend that you hold them both in your office and squeeze them to make an informed decision.  Good luck.

Silicone preferred to saline

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I always recommend small round textured silicone gel implants placed retro-pectoral since they look and feel more natural, are more stable, less likely to ripple or have complications needing revision. Implant profile is irrelevant in the retro-pectoral position since the muscle compresses it. You did not describe which lift technique you are having. I recommend a new technique called Breast Augmentation with Mini Ultimate Breast LiftTM. Using only a circumareola incision it is possible to reshape your breast tissue creating upper pole fullness, elevate them higher on the chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage. Through the same incision, implants can be placed. Aligning the areola, breast tissue and implant over the bony prominence of the chest wall maximizes anterior projection with a minimal size implant. This technique avoids the ugly vertical scars of the traditional technique, maintains nipple sensation and the ability to breast feed. For the abdomen, I recommend Abdominoplasty with Mesh Reinforcement Ventral Herniorrhaphy. This will resolve your hernia, results in a more hourglass figure, early satiety, weight loss and maintains the reduced weight. I do not recommend doing the tummy tuck and breasts at the same time since it would require more than 6 hours under anesthesia.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D. 

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 230 reviews

Saline vs Silicone

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Dear BouncingBack, I prefer silicone breast implants for breast lift and augmentation. They are more stable and have a more natural feel. Having a hernia repair with a TT is very common, it has risks but at the end it is perfectly doable. I recommend you choose a plastic surgeon with a general surgery training in order to achieve your goals all at once, I personally have many patients which come to office seeking for those procedures and all of them had excellent results. I don`t see why not to have the TT, hernia repair and the breast lift done at the same time. Best of luck

Kelvin Eusebio, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 41 reviews

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