Can I get rid of the darkness caused by filler under my eyes and around my mouth? Could this be hemosiderin staining? (photos)

About 4 weeks ago I received Restylane and Restylane Silk to fill under my eyes and Juvederm and Restylane Silk to fill in marionette lines. Thereafter this darkness appeared under my eyes and around my mouth and never left. I have tried IPL and fading cream with no resolve. Even with mounds of concealer it looks like I have black eyes and bruising around my mouth. I have had filler injected in these areas before with no issues. Is there anything else I can do without removing the filler?

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Darkness under eyes after injection

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This appears to be hemosiderin and will fade over time without any residua.  Tyndall effect is blue

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Darkness from fillers around eyes and mouth

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This does look like hemosiderin staining. This occurs after bruising only. I don't think its Tyndall effect which is due to the filler being injected too superficially. If it is hemosiderin, it will gradually fade. Sometimes lasers will help. Tyndall effect needs hyaluronidase.

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Can i get rid of the darkness under my eyes and around my mouth that was caused by fillers?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and I am sorry that your results have not been what you anticipated or experienced in the past.  Nothing replaces an in-person examination to assess your skin quality and coloration but t four weeks it could still be bruising that is causing the darkened appearance of your tissues while the undereye area may be the result of filler placed too close to the skin surface, leaving a bluish hue.  I would contact your injector to discuss your results as they are in the best position to help you treat these issues. 

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Tyndall Effect and Fillers

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It appears from the photos that you may have the Tyndall effect.  If it doesn't go away you may need to have the product dissolved.  I would consider Belotero for the next treatment. Best, Dr. Green

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