Third Rhinoplasty. Getting grafts done. Same doctor. Is this a good idea? (Photo)

I've had two rhinoplasties so far. The first one, 10 years ago, was a closed surgery and for a deviated septum and trauma. The second, 3 years ago, one was an open surgery to correct my breathing problems (spreader grafts) and to make it look nice. However on the right side, just above the tip, there's a sizeable dent. I went back to the same doctor from the previous surgery and he said he'd use my ear cartilage to fill it in and file down the tip on the right side. Is this a good idea?

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Third Rhinoplasty. Getting grafts done. Same doctor. Is this a good idea?

Sorry for your difficulties. I understand your concerns. In order to give you the best opinion, you would need and in person examination. In the right hands, you issues most likely can be significantly addressed and improved. The 3rd time- will require a very experienced Revision  Plastic Surgeon.

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Third rhinoplasty procedure by the same surgeon

It is acceptable to have your surgeon perform  your third nasal surgery, as long as that Surgeon is very experienced with rhinoplasty.  Revision rhinoplasty as one of the most difficult procedures to perform correctly in the entire field of cosmetic surgery, so look for a surgeon who performs rhinoplasty on a weekly basis and has done so for a very long period of time.    It is always best to try to use nasal cartilage before using ear cartilage, especially in thin skinned individuals.  

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