Purple areas that turn grey when I sweat. Areas have grown over time and caused hair loss near hairline. What is this? (photos)

I have had these outbreaks of dark spots near my front hairline that turn grey-ish when I get in the shower or sweat dating back to 2009. I went to a dermatologist back in 2009 and he said it was looked like seborrheic dermatitis and gave me some desonide and a Znp bar back in February of 2009. I had a biopsy completed in 2011. PAS stain came back negative for fungal hyphae with appropriate control. Biopsy stated that it was Lichen simplex chronicus with post inflammatory pigmentary alteration.

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Purple spots

As you already had a diagnose created from a biopsy, there is little more that I can add. Go back to your doctor and ask that doctor to treat you

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