Any pointers for your first consult? Do's and don't's? What to expect? What questions to ask? (Photo)

Tomorrow afternoon is my first consult and I'm getting a little anxious and nervous because I don't know what to expect. I'm afraid that I'll get so frazzled or nervous that I'll forget to ask the right questions. Any pointers on what kind of questions I should ask? I'm afraid I'll leave out some important questions then regret it afterwards.

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Initial Breast Augmentation Consultation

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  1. How many breast augmentations have you as a surgeon performed
  2. Are you board certified as a plastic surgeon
  3. Are you interested in saline or silicone implants. What are the risks and benefits of both.
  4. Will my implant be placed above or under the muscle. What are the risks and benefits
  5. Do you need only an augmentation or do you also need a breast lift to achieve the result you are looking for
  6. What type of incision will the surgeon use to place the implants and why. Will the incision be around the nipple, under the breast or in the armpit
  7. Now much will it cost.

Discussion questions for breast augmentation consultation

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Thank you for your important question.

It is normal to feel nervous as you do not want to rush to make important decisions that you may regret later. It is true that as a patient, you will be assuming final responsibility for all decisions and having a breast augmentation (BA) procedure can have a great impact on your life.

When patients come prepared, it really helps us surgeons direct you towards making informed decisions, so thank you for being proactive.

I have listed minor and major topics that should to be discussed to be a bit more comprehensive.

  1. First you have to make sure you have found the right surgeon for you!
    1. As a patient, you want to ensure your safety first, and not get too excited and rush to get any procedure done.
    2. Your surgeon should be someone who does not rush you, and someone who does not agree to everything you say because safety should be the first thing on their mind. Clearly, you wouldn’t know what is best for you, so they should guide to make decisions that will minimize complications and allow you to have beautiful breasts in the long-term
    3. You should first verify the skills and knowledge of your surgeon in the procedure you desire.
      1. Ask for their education, training, and certification
      2. Ask for their experience with the procedure you want
      3. Ask to review photographic examples of the surgeon’s work. Check to see if the aesthetic ideal is consistent with what you are hoping to achieve. Make sure the before and after images have the same perspective, the same lighting
  2. Share all your motivations for surgery, expectations and goals with complete honesty.
    1. Be as specific as you can about what you like regarding your breasts and what you don’t like. Tell them whether you want fake or natural looking breasts. Based on this your surgeon will evaluate you as a candidate for the BA.
    2. Ask the surgeon if your expectations are realistic and reasonable.
    3. Try not to focus on a specific cup size, or looking like a specific celebrity, but just adequately filling your breast to look aesthetically beautiful.
  3. Ask your surgeon about the recommended course of treatment?
    1. Ask about the implant fill options (saline vs. silicone)
    2. Ask about the implant shape options (Anatomic vs. round implants) and profile options
    3. Incision options – transaxillary, inframammay, and periareolar
    4. Pocket options – Behind the muscle, over the muscle
  4. Ask your surgeon about all the risks and potential complications that can occur from BA
    1. No one can predict the future, but we can at least know what is possible in the future
      1. Changes in nipple sensation, scarring, capsular contracture, implant rippling, etc.
      2. Note that like any surgery, there is possibility for multiple complications, but the chances of them actually occurring is very small.
  5. Ask how you can prepare for surgery
  6. Ask what you can expect for the recovery period in relation to your life
  7. Ask about your options if the BA procedure does not meet the goals you had agreed on
  8. Ask about follow-up process and how they will maintain communication with you
  9. Ask about the need for reoperations in the future

Hope this helps

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Questions to Ask

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Hello,One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is deciding which surgeon should perform your procedure. To ensure a higher level of satisfaction and significantly reduce complications, the most suitable surgeon for you should possess specific credentials, qualities and experience. Please see the link attached for  a list of questions you should ask your surgeon to see if they’re the right one for you.
All the best

First consult

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Ensure your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon.  Ask to see before and after pictures. Write your questions down, and ensure all of them are answered to your satisfaction before leaving.  You need to have comfort, trust, and a good feeling about your surgical team.  That is perhaps the most important thing before proceeding with a surgical procedure.

Regina M. Fearmonti, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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First visit

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write down all your questions.  make sure the doctor has all the appropriate qualifications. see pictures.  make sure you feel comfortable

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Pointers for first breast augmentation consultation.

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Thank you for your question.This is normal response when seeking out a consultation for plastic surgery.  A couple pointers to consider.Number one is to seek a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This can be found with a quick google search.You can also check your states medical board to see if there are any complaints on the physician. Then who you see will be on your personal taste as to which plastic surgeon to see based on their website or any referrals from your friends or family.  I always encourage patients to have more than 1 consult to compare compatibility with your surgeon.Once in the office.  Expect to have a consultation with the surgeon, this should not be delegated to someone else.  Also expect a physical exam that will consist of measurements, feeling the breast tissue for masses or lumps and the thickness of the tissue.  They should also thoroughly question you about your medical history.Questions to ask.What complications can occur.  The answer should be honest and not misleading.  They should discuss the possibility of hematoma, infection, and capsular contracture at a minimum.  You should also ask which implants are recommended and why.  Also ask about any revision policy. Ask what facility the plastic surgeons performs surgery and what to expect with the post operative course.Best Dr. L

Andre Levesque, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Consultation questions and pointers

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Hello and thank you for your questions and photos. I wish you the best in finding the right answers and there are a lot of great answers and information on the forum. Remember, it is best to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can in person examine you, take key measurements and go over with you your specific aesthetic goals. Bringing several photos of your "ideal" look can be helpful as well. During your initial consultation should be a review and discussion about your specific aesthetic goals, and if you are considering a breast augmentation incision location, implant placement, implant size and shape, type of the implants and recovery period. There are several key differences and some similarities in the types and shapes of breast implants. It is best to see and feel in person the different sizes, shapes and textures of the various implants during a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best of luck.

Benjamin J. Cousins M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Miami Florida

Benjamin J. Cousins, MD
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Any pointers for your first consult? Do's and don't's? What to expect? What questions to ask?

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Bring written list of questions to the consult so you do not forget anything you might want to ask or know.

Any pointers for your first consult? Do's and don't's? What to expect? What questions to ask?

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First of all, always check with American Board of Plastic Surgery and see if the Surgeon you're considering is Board Certified. Then pay attention to the experience, before and after photos. If you're interested in implants- ask what manufacturing company the Doctor is working with. For more info you can view this link:

First Consultation

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I assume from your photos that you are having a consultation for breast enhancement.  You will want to discuss many things with your surgeon.  Be sure to touch on his or her experience, Board Certification, what brand and type of implants they offer and where the surgery will take place.  Do your research and choose someone you feel comfortable having as your surgeon.

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