Piggy nose and asymmetrical nostrils 7 weeks post op. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had an open rhinoplasty 7 weeks ago. All I wanted was to remove a dorsal hump. I was very clear with the surgeon that I wanted a natural looking nose and not a "piggy" nose. I am very concerned because although the tip has dropped a little, it is not way near where I want it. Nostrils are showing TOO MUCH and they are asymmetrical. Im starting to consider a secondary rhinoplasty. Any advise? is it going to get any better?

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7 weeks post rhinoplasty

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You cannot consider a revision rhinoplasty as early as 7 weeks after the first surgery.  There are too many changes going on along with significant swelling at this time.It should wait for at least a total of 3 months before you decide on any revision.  During this time you need to work with your surgeon to make sure if you need any steroid injection to reduce any swelling.
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