Has overlays put on my four front teeth. I noticed a piece of product is missing from my small left tooth from the front (Photo)

Had vaneers done 4 years ago , product is Missing from the vaneer , how much would the cost be as an estimate since it's such a small flaw?

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Solutions for fractured porcelain #veneer #DrSoftTouch

It looks like your veneer fractured. I would recommend returning to the same dentist that placed your veneers to have it examined. Does you dentist warranty veneers? I warranty my veneers for ten years, so if you were my patient I would replace your fractured veneer for free. However, every office is different and you cannot expect every doctor to have the same polices. The best option, the only long term solution, would be to have the fractured veneer replaced. I hope this helps and you can click save under my name if you have more questions you'd like me to answer.

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The long term solution is to have the veneer replaced.  The question to ask is why did the porcelain fracture in the first place.  Are you unaware of how it fractured?  Did you bite into something hard that caused it to fracture?If this issue is addressed then when you have it replaced you know how to avoid having it fracture in future.  A short term solution would be to get it repaired but it may not last long.  Hope that helps. Good luck!  

Supriya Verma, DMD, FAGD
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Minor repairs to porcelain veneers may not last

A significant majority of the time, there is no durable way to repair porcelain veneers.  Unless it is simply polishing or smoothing a sharp edge or chip, full replacement is normally the only long term solution.  

Since front teeth do so much work, biting into apples, etc, bonding a "fix" will usually break off, sometimes within the very day it was fixed (sometimes it can last longer, but we DO know it will fail).

If you just need something to tide you over until you have time/money to replace the veneer, a repair is fine.

One nice thing is the materials we use today are more durable than what we had even 4 years ago, so the replacement likely will be much more durable.

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