What is the newest modern approach for fat grafting? I feel like my face is losing volume age 42 and I think i need this.

I would like to to fat grafting , however i would like to know what is the most modern advanced way of doing this. Im 42 and see mid midface fat loss, undereyes and even a forehead.

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Facial Fat Grafting Technique

Facial fat grafting is a great way to replace volume that has been lost as you age. The technique has really not changed much over the years. In experienced hands, several different techniques work equally well. The important things are how the fat is handled from harvesting to placement. The more fat you need, the more it should be placed at different procedures. Initially the areas were markedly overfilled in hopes of getting some of the fat to survive. Now we overfill only a small amount and then redraft the area to get the desired fill as overfilling reduces blood supply which is essential if the injected fat is to survive. Make sure you see someone with significant experience in facial fat grafting and expect multiple procedures to achieve your desired fullness depending on how much deflation you have. 

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Facial Sculpting Using Fillers Like Voluma, Radiesse, Lyft, Juvederm and Sculptra and Fat

Fillers, implants and fat can all be used to sculpt and contour the face. I love results of fat grafting when its done well.  I suggest soemone who uses water assisted harvesting without centrifugation and with adding PRP. I suggest consulting with a facial sculpting expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Fat Grafting technique

Fat grafting is a great technique that can help replace volume that is lost during the aging process.  The technique has changed some over the years, but the basic principles are largely the same.  The fat is harvested from a number of possible sites, that differ by surgeon preference.  Belly, thigh, and flank fat are some of the most common.  After harvesting, there are several techniques used to increase the purity and viability of the fat (straining, centrifuging, etc).  At this point, it is injected with a cannula into the areas of need.  Most commonly this would be under the eyes, the cheeks, temples, and possibly lips.  The procedure can be done under moderate sedation or general anesthesia.  There will be some "overcorrection" at first due to swelling and some of the fat being resorbed, and typically after 7-14 days it has largely resolved.

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What is the newest modern approach for fat grafting? I feel like my face is losing volume age 42 and I think i need this.

I think that the right question is " I want more volume in the face and what's the best way to get it?"
It would help if you sent in pictures as no one can answer specific questions without them

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