I'm 9 month post breast lift/breast augmentation and my lower pole is still numb. (photos)

I have a raised bump on my areola scar and when you touch it, it causes a shooting sensation to the center of my chest down to the vertical scar. The entire area is numb. My doc told me at my 6 month this was normal and was not a stitch. It feels like a nerve and numbing sensation. What could causing this and should I be concerned?

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Pain and numbness after breast surgery…

I am sorry the to hear about the concerns you have after breast surgery.  Although physical examination would be necessary to provide you with accurate assessment and advice, it sounds like you may be dealing with a trapped (possibly in scar tissue) nerve;  medically termed a neuroma.  I say this because of your description of pain after palpation of a specific raised scar.
 If this is the case, it is possible that removal of the nerve,  may alleviate the painful sensation.  If you have numbness present, sensation may or may not return over the course of months/years.
 Otherwise, numbness/pain may be related to pressure from a breast implant on the overlying tissue; this may be seen with breast implant displacement or malposition. Again, hard to say whether this is relevant in your case or not.
  Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource; with careful physical examination he/she  should be able to provide you with more precise information.
 Best wishes.

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