Can a non invasive treatment help the loose and sagging skin on thighs and butt from weight loss? If so what is the best? (Photo

There's so many options I've looked at such as thermage, RF skin tightening, cellulaze.... will I have good results from any in my current condition? Looking to tighten loose skin and reduce cellulite. The picture on left is my weight at 180 picture on right is my current weight at 165. I feel like losing weight is making things worse

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Smartlipo or Ultherapy

Hello! Have you considered SmartLipo or Ultherapy?

Smart Lipo is a procedure that employs laser lipolysis, by which localized fat deposits are reduced surgically by means of a special laser housed inside a tiny tube called a cannula.

Unlike traditional liposuction, laser lipolysis does not necessitate suction. This procedure offers benefits equivalent to traditional liposuction, but is generally recommended for smaller areas. Ideally for your case, this procedure very popular for use on the face, especially as a way of re-defining the jaw line, and getting rid of the  “sagging skin” that you're referencing.

Smart Lipo is more gentle and safe than traditional liposuction. Smaller cannulas mean smaller incisions, so there is less scarring. Because of the heat generated by this method, there is another very important benefit: The body’s own healing response causes tissues to contract, leaving skin tighter and smoother in the treated area. Traditional liposuction method of merely “sucking out the fat” can sometimes leave patients with uneven contours and loose, sagging skin.

The ideal candidate should be generally healthy, have maintained a stable weight for more than a year, and has good skin elasticity in the areas being treated.

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