Are the incisions from my recent Breast Implant surgery infected? (photos)

I just had breast implants put in 7 days ago and am concerned my incisions may be infected. There is a lot of redness and drainage from both breasts. I called my surgeon's office and was told the doctor will not be in until Tuesday...4 days away! Is this normal and if not, what should I do? How should I care for this?

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Infected incisions

This could be reaction to the sutures.I would monitor my temp and keep clean with anti bacterial ointment.soemtimes patients put TOO much ointment on and they get a skin reation to it.Definietly followup with your surgeon.

Are the incisions from my recent Breast Implant surgery infected?

You definitely have a significant problem that requires immediate attention by a surgeon now. Please update as to your condition. Sorry to hear of your concerns.
Joel Patrick Maier, MD
Joel Patrick Maier, MD
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon
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Infection after breast augmentation.

You need to see your surgeon ASAP. If he/she isn't available, there should be a doctor that is covering for them. 

If not, you need to pay for another board certified plastic surgeon to provide medical care. 

Possible breast infection

Thanks for your inquiry, I am concerned with what  I see in the pictures. Someone should be on call for your surgeon.  Otherwise go the ER or urgent care, good luck.

You need urgent attention

Reach to your nearest plastic surgeon, yours or any other, you need immediate medical attention and the issue addressed properly, you are in risk of losing implants.
Alejandro Nogueira, MD
Spain Plastic Surgeon

This looks seriously wrong.

I agree with my colleagues. You should seek immediate medical attention as soon as you receive this notice. If you cannot find a board certified plastic surgeon to see you, (your own surgeon or someone covering him or her) you should at least be seen in the emergency room of your nearest hospital, where they should hopefully be able to reach a plastic surgeon on call. You are at risk of an infection that could result in loss of your implants, or worse, make you very ill. Infection is not something for which you can or should delay treatment. If there is a medical center near you with a teaching hospital, they may have a plastic surgeon or resident available to see you. 

Best of luck to you and I hope things work out well. 

Infected incisions

YES! seek immediate urgent care or ER VISIT. Than call your surgeon's office ,someone should to be on call for Your surgeon. If no cross covering plastic surgeon then contact Florida Board of medicine to file complaint. 

Are my incisions infected?

It is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis based on your photographs and the inability to examine new.  However it does appear in these photographs that there is significant redness surrounding your incisions.  This combined with the drainage you have described is worrisome for a potential infection.  It would be best to recontact your surgeon's office, emphasize your concerns and ask to see the caregiver who is taking call for your Dr.

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