Implant removal and lift. I've had a lift and the incisions opened lots of scaring and the lift failed.

I'm looking for a natural look small is ok if the lift does not fall in time.minimizing the scarring. What is the best procedure and cost.

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I would suggest meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon, being examined, and discussing all your options. a repeat lift might work well. You could also consider a fat transfer with or without a lift.

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Implant removal and lift.

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It is hard to say for sure without seeing a photo but if you  are planing on removing the implants, you may just need another lift after the removal.  The scars are less likely to stretch out if you get the lift without implants because you wont have the pressure of the implants pushing against the incision line as it is trying to heal.  Also, the smaller and lighter your breast are the less likely they are to "fall".  Your breast will continue to age in the normal fashion so they will certainly get some ptosis over time, however, they sag at a much slower pace if they are smaller.  Hope this helps.

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