I Had Lower Blepharoplasty 6 Weeks Ago and the Swelling Had Almost Completely Disappeared by Day 15 but Returned Under my Right?

eye including a little lump. The swelling is more noticeable that the other eyebag is gone. It is worse in the morning and in two pouches which goes down as the day progresses. I have never retained water before and was asked this prior to my bleph. I saw the Dr. today who said I have lymphedema which will take longer to resolve. Why would the swelling go down drastically then suddenly reappear after 3.5 weeks? My next appointment is in 5 weeks.

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Swelling lower lids after blepharoplasty

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is quite common.  You do need to be patient and wait for healing to complete before determining if you have any issues about the results.  Be patient and get critical 2 months following your surgery.

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Recurrent Lower Eyelid Swelling

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It is too early to tell if this is some form of 'lymphedema' or the reappearance of some result lower eyelid fat. Such findings become more apparent as the swelling completely subsides. You need to wait a full three months before making that determination.

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