Would I need hair implants or forehead augmentation surgery? (Photos)

See picture attached. I want to lower my hair line but I am not sure what procedure to look for. Just going to many doctors to figure it out isn't really an option as I am a full time worker and student.

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It is best to see a doctor for an examination for choosing the type of surgery.

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It is best to see a doctor for an examination for choosing the type of surgery you may need. In general hair transplants give you a more natural looking hair line but it does not give you high density.In general hair line lowering surgery give you a instant result with high density but it does not round out the front corners.

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What technique to use to lower the hair line to decrease the size of the forehead?

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BatGirl0219,There are two procedures that can effectively lower your hair line to decrease the size  of your forehead: 1. forehead lift; 2. Follicular unit transplantation.The forehead lift is faster in delivering the result, but the scar will take 6-12 months to mature, and may cause some numbness in the area. Occasionally a visible scar results that may need some hair transplantation to hide. I have had many cases to lower female hair lines using FUT and/or FUE. Results are great and no scars are visible in the hair line area.
Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

Hair Line Lowering Best with Hair Transplant

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Your pictures are good and you appear to be a good candidate for hair line lowering with hair transplantation. Hair transplant rather than removal of tissue will give the most natural result if performed artistically and correctly by a well qualified full-time hair transplant surgeon.

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Lowering a hair line.

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You are a great candidate for a hair transplant procedure that lowers your hair. You are the type of candidate that benefits from this procedure. Using a combination of micro and mini-grafts would do the job for you. Thanks for your question.

Lower your hairlinev

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You have a very high hairline which is most efficiently lowered with a 2 stage operstion to first stretch your scalp and then bring it down to a normal level. This can only work if you have good quality hair and do not have  a condition thst causes hair loss. you would need a detailed evaluation and a specific plan. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Hairline lowering in a woman

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You can have your hairline lowered most effectively with hair transplants. We do this almost every week in our office. See pictures below

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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