What happens if I never "drop and fluff"? (photos)

I am 4 mo post breast augmentation. I have Mentor Memory shape implants. I have had nearly no progress since my surgery. I am seeing my doc on Friday who told me he wasn't concerned at the lack of progress at my 2 mo post op appt. But now progress since then as well. I know anatomical a take longer to heal. Am I overreacting feeling like something is wrong?

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What happens if I never "drop and fluff"?

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If the breast implants do not fully "settle", then capsulotomy surgery would be necessary to lower the breast implant(s) position (assuming the patient is displeased with breast implant position).  Best wishes.

No progress?

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Thanks for your question. The best way to see "progress" is to look at photos of the breasts at different intervals. I would suggest photos with your breast surgeon that were (hopefully) taken at 2 weeks, 2 months and the new 4 month follow up. Even comparing 2 versus 4 month photos can be helpful. I feel like I do see some progress in the photos posted, but it's always better to look at these in person and also to have the opportunity to examine the patient. Additionally, it looks the implant is in good position and it is the nipples that are low. Perhaps mentioning this to your surgeon and look to a discussion about a nipple lift and the pros and cons of such an operation. Best, Dr. ALDO

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