Which Dr has the best reputation for Artas robot assisted FUE?

I want to have an Artas robot assisted FUE, but I am having trouble deciding which Dr to go to. Who is the best in the Tampa, FL area?

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Doctor with best reputation for ARTAS

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I always encourage patients to not get fixated on one particular type of hair transplant technique and instead find a hair restoration surgeon who is well-trained and that offers multiple types of hair transplant techniques. Some doctors simply purchase a device without knowing much about hair restoration or wanting to be involved in the hair restoration process, and this is a recipe for poor results. 

The first step is to find a hair restoration surgeon who you are comfortable with and then to review the options in detail. There are many different types of FUE (follicular unit extraction) techniques that are all quite similar with respect to results, including ARTAS, NeoGraft, etc.

All the best,

Frisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Physician in Tampa

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I know its nice to stay local for a procedure.  However, I encourage patients to do their research a find the best fit for them, even it means they travel. Good luck.

Bobbi D. Edwards, MD
Southfield Dermatologic Surgeon

Before and after photos will guide you

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There is nothing better than  before and after photos - robot is just a tool that can strive in experienced hands . Machine is awesome if used by a skilled surgeon and experienced team, Evaluate carefully

3 ARTAS Robots in Dallas/Ft Worth 4 years and 11 months of experience with the robot

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Happy to field this question.  There are several nuances that exist with robotic FUE procedures. There is a learning curve. 

You want to make sure you were not in someone's first 100 cases. Our practice was the first in Texas to have the robot we currently use three robots and we average about 15 to 20 cases per month.  The procedure has become a cornerstone of what we do. 

It is important that you pick a surgeon that has extensive experience with hairline design that understands aesthetics of the face and then also can recognize who is a good candidate for ARTAS FUE procedure and who is not.

In the third week of December 2016 we will have transplanted 1,000,000 ARTAS harvested grafts.  I hope this helps.  One pearl we have learned is to try to do smaller procedures.  We have used the robot harvest over 4,000 FUE grafts in one setting.  We believe you will have better results by limiting your cases to under or about 3,000 grafts. That being said, we would want to see pictures to determine exactly what you will need.

Good luck.

Mark Bishara, MD

Mark Bishara, MD
Dallas Hair Restoration Surgeon

Doctor for Artas

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I don't believe that the Artas robot "levels the playing field" etc regarding an FUE procedure.  I see so many cases of poor Artas results by inexperienced physicians who bought an Artas and have no clue how to use it relying on assistants and technicians to perform the case.

You should find a doctor that does 3-5 Artas cases a week. Thats difficult to find.  Also, you should know that the Artas does not work optimally on every patient.  You should make sure the doctor has other experience with FUE in case the Artas is not extracting the grafts properly.

Finally, do some research on the Artas before you proceed.  The Artas uses a much larger punch as compared to a skilled FUE surgeon.  This results in more trauma and scarring in the donor zone, and larger grafts which require larger recipient sites to be placed in.  For me, the Artas does not meet the quality standards I can provide patients doing the procedure by hand.

Amir Yazdan, MD
Irvine Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Best Dr for ARTAS FUE in Tampa area?

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Hair restoration surgery outcomes are largely dependent on artistic skills. I do not know about the results of the physicians with ARTAS robots in the Tampa area, However, Dr. Bernard Nussbaum and Dr. Charles in South Florida, and Dr Barrusco in Orlando area(no ARTAS, but does FUE) would be some names to check out.


Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

ARTAS robot assisted FUE is a robot doing the FUE harvesting. The doctor does not do the harvesting.

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ARTAS robot assisted FUE is a robot doing the FUE harvesting.  The doctor does not do the harvesting.  If you want the ARTAS robot to do your FUE harvesting, you can just choose a doctor who has the ARTAS robot.

The missing component would be what happens after the FUE grafts are harvested.  The final result of your surgery would depend on the artistry and the skill of the implantation.  

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Artas Robot

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The Artas Robot levels the playing field and makes most doctors equal so I would look for reputation of the doctor in the artistry component of the transplant process

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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