Which is the best Dermal Filler for me? (Photo)

Which filler would be best to fill out my cheek area and which filler for nasolabial folds? I am 62 and have always been very thin.

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What filler should I use?

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Many things are considered when deciding on the best filler for you.  The longevity of product, the objective of the placement (cheek enhancement, lower face shaping, smile lines etc).  In general, cost, lift and duration make the choice.  For most younger patients softer smoother fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane in small quantities are ideal.  In older patients where more lift and volume are needed, Sculptra, Radiesse or Voluma are preferred.  In the photo shown I would suggest Radiesse as it provides immediate results and is very cost effective.

Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

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