Are dental implants warrantied for inexplicable failure? (Photo)

I got an implant (#14) January 2013. June 2015 it was starting to just barely wiggle and by October 2015 it literally fell out into my mouth. I was told many times before the implant that there was plenty of bone and plenty of room under my sinus to put the implant. The dentist that put it in has no explanation for what happened and wants to charge me another $2k to put another one in. Is this type of failure warrantied and what kind of recourse do I have since I am now out $2,500.00?

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Warranty on implants

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dental implants might fail, but if they fail, depends on the doctor, and also the company they work with, they can give you a warranty, not in a 100 % but , at least on the implant replacement, there are cases where you can show the patient the strength of the implant with primary stability, and months later it comes loose, 
if your doctor showed you the primary stability, 
then is your doctor ethical point of view to give you a solution, 
waiting time 3 to 5 months and later on , you can re set them again. 

Only death and taxes are guarranteed

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While it may be "good business" to cut a break or find middle ground, nothing is 100%.  There are many reasons why an implant may fail, some of them have nothing to do with the dentist.  Placing blame usually harms everyone and is not productive, and in this case may be debateable with no clear fault to place.

Sometimes implant manufacturers will donate a new implant within a certain time frame.  Perhaps a discount, but not 100% free, is possible.  Ultimately it is up to each dentist how they want to run their business and there is no obligation to redo the implant at no charge.

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