What cup size will I end up with? I was a natural D. Anchor lift with 550s over filled to 600cc moderate plus profile (Photo)

I'm a tall big boned woman. I had D cup breast pre op. I added many pictures pre and post op. I had a anchor lift and 550s moderate plus profile saline implants over filled too 600ccs under the muscle I wanted larger but with the lift I couldn't. I'm only one week post op. I'm wondering if you can make an educated guess on what cup Size I'll end up with I want and E or a DDD cup I asked for a large non natural look. I know it is very soon to tell but your educated guess would be appreciated

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Size after 600 cc augmentation and lift.

Thank you for your question and photos.  So far you result looks good.  It is far too early to make any definitive statements about your final outcome.  We usually have our patient wear a sport bra for 4 months.  I would not get fitter for bras until past that mark.   It usually takes about a year until all the elements settle and scars become stable.  Please follow your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon's instructions.  Please let them know of your concerns.  Together you will get through this process, hopefully with an outcome that you like.

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What cup size will I end up with? I was a natural D. Anchor lift with 550s over filled to 600cc moderate plus profile

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... Actually, bra sizes don't have to be with your implant volume, you should go to a store to check about the bra's.. Also I recommend you to wear your post surgical bra for at least 3 months and then switch for a sports bra, then when you have at least 6 months, change to a regular one, hugs!

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Implant and bra size

Bra sizes do not always match up with implant volumes. Best to give it time to settle then go shopping for bras.

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How big will I be?

At one week postoperatively, there's still some swelling to be accounted for. If you started with a D cup, adding 600 mL we usually add a cup and a half to 2 cups larger breast. There is so much variability in bra size from manufacturer to manufacturer that I wouldn't get caught up in the exact letter that fits your breasts but rather that your breasts look good and it's the look that you wanted.

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What cup size will I end up with? I was a natural D. Anchor lift with 550s over filled to 600cc moderate plus profile (Photo)

Try in a bra in the E or DDD sizes to see how you appear. If to small than after 3 months healing have 800 cc implants placed... 

Final Results

It's impossible to predict a cup size, but based on your photos, it looks as if your results will match your desired outcome. Keep in mind, though, that cup size varies greatly between bra manufacturers so focus more on how your breasts look. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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Cup size

Thank you for your question and photos.  Although it is nearly impossible to predict the cup size, I think that you will be around what your goal was considering what you were pre-op.  Right now though it is too early to tell given that you are most likely swollen at only one week post-op.

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