Will capsulorraphy give me symmetry and a tighter, round shape? (photos)

I’m 7 mos post BL/BA 350s mod. profile plus unders. I am concerned about shape & lack of symmetry. My PS has agreed to do an inferior capsulorrhaphy on the left & a lateral capsulor. on the right. He is also going to try to fix both areola as they are puffy & cause my breast to look cone-shaped. I am trying to achieve symmetry & a “round” look like the attached wish pic. Do you feel the capsulor. on both will help achieve that look? Should I switch to HP implants? What would you suggest?

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I would recommend a capsulorrhaphy if the implants are not evenly positioned on your chest wall.  Then excising additional skin on your lower pole will help contour the skin flaps around your implants for a tighter rounder shape.  Your implants themselves look good.  Best wishes, Dr. T.

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Will capsulorraphy give me symmetry and a tighter, round shape?

Hi. I agree with your surgeon and it sounds like a very logical approach. You need to understand that your breasts were not round to begin with. Your results are very acceptable and other than the fold being slightly lower on the left,IMHO they look good. Good luck, Dr. PG

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