Breast Augmentation Before or After Kids 34yr Old?

I'm 34 yrs old & considering a breast aug. I thought that I'd wait until after kids but I've heard that having kids AFTER can actually make them look more natural? I'm engaged. Wedding plans in 2015. I really want the surgery for the wedding pics. Kids would be after that (yes, I'm aware that I'm "late to the game" starting a family because of my age). Would getting a breast augmentation affect breast feeding? Would nursing after cause me to need a 2nd surgery soon afterwards?

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Future pregnancies and breast augmentation

The real answer is no one knows for certain that you would be able to breast feed after a breast augmentation and no one knows for certain that your breasts would not stretch after a pregnancy requiring a revision.  In most cases patients are able to breast feed and if you needed a revision it may be minor.  In any event you would be able to enjoy your new shape up until a possible pregnancy.  

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Have your breast augmentation when you are ready for it, before or after kids no problem

If you have been wanting to have your breast augmented for some period of time and are not now pregnant, then there is no need to wait. You will look great in your wedding gown. A paper a few years ago looked at the effects of pregnancy and nursing on a woman's breast and found that it is the pregnancy and not the nursing which effects the breast. It is also interesting that many women have distinctly different changes with their pregnancy. Some woman get bigger and stay bigger with each pregnancy, some woman get bigger and then get smaller with each pregnancy. Some woman get bigger or smaller or stay the same size but develop drooping of the breast, ptosis. There is no real way to tell what will happen to you. The truth is that what ever it will be it will be. In the mean time you can enjoy having fuller more attractive breast. If you have a significant change with your pregnancies, then you can have a correction of this at a later date. Many woman have their breast augmented and then have children and never need any further surgery. Breast augmentation regardless of the location of the incision does not interfere with breast feeding. Breast feeding does not change the breast but pregnancy does. Get in touch with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and look great at your wedding. 

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Breast Augmentation Before or After Kids 34yr Old?

Dear FLSaltLife,

Thank you for your questions.  It sounds like kids are still a few years off.  There is no reason to wait for breast augmentation, unless you were actively trying to get pregnant now.  Breast augmentation will not inhibit your ability to breast feed.  They can look natural from the get, go if done properly.  Pregnancy and nursing may change the appearance of the breasts, however, this is true with or without an augmentation.  You may or may not need a breast lift after you are finished with kids with or without an augmentation.  Seek a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for consultation. 

The following is an example of a 'natural' looking breast augmentation.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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Breast Augmentation Before or After Kids 34yr Old?

Thank you for the question.
Timing of the breast augmentation is a very personal decision.  In general I advise patients if they are  planning on having  children in the near future (this is open to interpretation)  to wait on the breast augmentation procedure.  Doing it this way will  potentially minimize  the number of operations  that the patient will undergo. 
There is no way to know how a specific patient's breasts will change after pregnancy. In my opinion, maintaining a relatively healthy/stable weight during pregnancy, helps event drastic changes in breast position… The pros/cons of saline versus silicone gel breast implants  depends mainly on the amount of breast/soft tissue coverage of patient presents with. The majority of patients who have breast augmentation are able to breast-feed, regardless of the incision site.
Best wishes.

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Breast augmentation before kids

Hi there. There is really no reason you should not be able to breast feed after augmentation- whether in front or behind the muscle, implants are placed behind the breast tissue itself so it should not affect breast function. It's hard to predict how breasts will be affected by pregnancy but in my experience small breasts with no sag tend to return to where they were before pregnancy.

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Breast augmentation and changes related to pregnancy

It appears you are ready to proceed with the breast augmentation. Breast feeding is not usually affected by breast augmentation. With pregnancy, breast engorgement  does stretch the skin. Often the skin returns to normal size after having kids, but not a guarantee. Some drooping of skin or ptosis may occur, but can be improved later.

So I would consult  a board certified plastic surgeon to review photos and possibly experience the Vectra 3 D simulation for breast augmentation. This information will help you make the right  decision about proceeding with the surgery.


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Breast Implants and Having Children

Perfectly reasonable to ask this question which, unfortunately, does not have an absolute answer.  The breasts change during and after pregnancy, there is no doubt about that, but some women come through relatively unscathed and others end up with breasts that are dramatically different.  That's what makes the process somewhat unpredictable.  What we do have control over, however, is the next period of time before that life event occurs.  If you have been thinking about it for a long time, and if you are fully informed, then now might be the right time. Your breasts are going to change whether or not you have implants and those changes which would look imperfect after implants are very likely to look imperfect without them. 

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Yes it doesnt affect childs future mommy milk/ silo puedes realizar sin riesgo para la lactancia

yes you should realize it without any fear it doesnt affect breasts milk feeding to childs and besides it hasnt proved than this implants  might cause  breasts CA, so it is  safe and easeay to realize please go ahed  without any fear

si puedes realizartelo sin temor alguno no producen cancer ni interfieren con la la lactancia, adelante sin miedo

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Should I wait to get my breast augmentation until after kids?

Unless you are planning on having a baby in the next year, I would proceed as planned, enjoy them now and look fabulous for your wedding pictures!  Getting a breast augmentation shouldn't effect your ability to nurse but that is unknown because you don't know if you can currently nurse.  I do have many patients who have breast augmentations and they still nurse.  After babies, some women need a lift and some don't and that would be the same if you have implants.  Make sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon and go from there! Congratulations on your engagement! ac

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Pregnacy and breast augmentation


I think if you have made your mind up that you want breast augmentation and you are ready then you should proceed.  It will not affect you ability to have children or to nurse your children.  You will still be able to breast feed.  I also think if you have a life changing event like a wedding, and you want to look your best, what better incentive do you need to proceed with a breast augmentation.  The only issue will be that you may require a breast lift after having your children as obviously your breast will enlarge in pregnancy.  However, this will happen regarless of if you have implants or not. I would place the timing of your second surgery after you have completed having your family.

Good luck in making your decision. 

Stephen Salerno

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