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I know it's still pretty early for me but I wanted to ask what everyone's thoughts were about bra shopping. I wanted to get sized but I'm not sure if now is the best time. My R breast is still higher than my L and still feels a little sore from time to time but I definitely feel like I've had a great recovery so far and I'm happy with my results. Does anyone have any pointers on getting sized/ bra shopping? Any insight on the "dropping & fluffing" process would be appreciated as well :)

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Bra shopping after breast augmentation

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Your breasts will not have their final appearance, position or feel for at least 3 months.  So while it is nearly impossible to wait that long to try new bras, I always advise my patients to wait 3 months to spend big money on bras. As they drop and fluff, what fits at six weeks may not hold your breast with spill over at 12 weeks. Enjoy your new body but don't buy too many yet. 

Bra shopping

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Going bra shopping is something that my female patients absolutely cant wait to do after a breast augmentation! It is so fun and exciting for them to see what their new bra size is and to see what their new breasts look like in a new bra! I make my patients wait at least 4-6 weeks before I let them go bra shopping. This is because as the implants drop the breast size and shape continues to change. After 6 weeks, the breast size and shape isn't going to change that much so I let them go bra shopping at that time. As far as fitting goes, I tell my patients to go to a good lingerie store that has more seasoned people working there and to get a formal fitting. They then bring the bra in with them to their 6 week appointment and I assess the fitting at that time. You should follow the recommendations of your plastic surgeon! Hope this helped and congrats on your new breasts!

Ankur Mehta MD

Bra Shopping

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Bra shopping is tough one. All bra makers are different in sizes. Best thing for patients is to try on multiple bras from different makers and go from there. Every patient is different on how they like their bras to fit. I will provide a link for you to look at. It is a website for patients with augmented breasts. Best of Luck. 

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