Do I have a botched rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 6 months ago and am not completely satisfied with it. I posted some pictures a few days ago and was told my nasal bones were too wide and that I had poor tip definition. I agree with it being wide,but my doctor said he made it as narrow as possible and I have always had a wide bridge so that may be all that can be done. As for poor tip definition , does that also need to be fixed? Should I consider a revision rhinoplasty ?

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Should I consider a revision?

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You are still only halfway through the healing process. Although many more things can be seen at 6mo compared to 6 weeks, there will still be substantive changes over the remaining 6 months of the healing process - especially in the tip area which seems to be your primary area of concern. I would recommend waiting it out and discussing your concerns with your surgeon. I hope this helps.

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dissatisfied with the results

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Even in the best hands, 5-10% of individuals who undergo rhinoplasty will require some sort of revision.  With that being said, my recommendation is to continue to wait, as your nose will continue to change for up to one year.  If you are still dissatisfied with the result at that time, a revision may be a safe option.

Botched rhinoplasty?

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Given that the majority of swelling has resolved at this point, and it seems that your nose is going to settle at a place that is still too wide for your liking, you may wish to consult with another surgeon. Yours is clearly not comfortable proceeding with a revision to get you the results that you're looking for.

As for the tip, if your goals were achieved, if it's not a distraction to you, then why disturb it?

Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with a Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon or General Plastic Surgeon who has experience with revision rhinoplasty and have a frank discussion about what your expectations are, what your risk tolerance it, and what the surgeon feels is reasonable to achieve. 

Best wishes!  Harry V. Wright MD, Sarasota, Florida

Harry V. Wright, MD
Sarasota Facial Plastic Surgeon

The waiting is the hardest part

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Dear Chrisyinacarr

Thank you for your pictures. At 6 months a lot of your swelling has indeed dissipated but personally, I believe you should wait to see what your nose will look like at the 9 months mark before any revision be considered. At that time I would then even defer to operate until at the very earliest the one year mark. In a patient such as yourself with thicker skin the swelling seems to linger much longer. The width of your nasal bones can be addressed if still an issue this can be performed with a variety of different osteotomies. I can say that your tip definition will most certainly improve with time. Be patient and explain your concerns to your surgeon. Good luck to you. 

Secondary rhinoplasty, some advices:

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Thank you very much for sharing your concerns about your Rhinoplasty with us.

Congratulations for having patience and wait six months PO, which is the recommended time allowed to make judgments of value and be precise and accurate.

After having analyzed all the info and photos provided to us, i recommend to perform a Secondary Rhinoplasty (not a tip revision) this means (basically) treat the nasal bones and the nasal cartilages.
Therefore i would perform a narrowing of the nasal base (nose osteotomy) and alar and triangular cartilage shaping.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Revision rhino

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Chrisyinacarr, do not consider any revision until it has been a year. then if you must see an experienced facial plastic specialist with good photos on their web site. Good luck!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Do I have a botched rhinoplasty?

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I agree with your assessment. You need revision or secondary rhinoplasty.............................

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