Possible Blood Clot?

Had TT and BA a couple weeks ago. About a week after surgery have been having throbbing in left lower leg and it is still here. No other symptoms (leg is normal color - not hot - not swollen). My surgeon does not think it is blood clot. Compression devices were used in surgery and I wore stockings during surgery + 2 days. The throbbing won't go away though and has me anxious. My family thinks I'm paranoid. Any possible reasons for the leg throbbing?

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Get to the ER immediately, don't even finish reading this

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It is so easy to evaluate for blood clots these days using ultrasound, that there is absolutely no reason to take chances and guess as to whether we think it is or it isn't.  DVT, or worse PE, is one of the most devastating complications with this type of surgery, and unfortunately it happens, even when proper precautions are taken.  It takes a high index of suspicion and an aggressive mindset about diagnosis to lessen the chances that one of these can turn bad.  Your symptoms alone coupled with your history of recent body contouring surgery is enough to perk my ears up.  Go get checked out; we should all hope to see a hundred negative ultrasound exams - I'd rather see that than one death from PE or one chronic venous insufficiency because of neglected DVT.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

DVT is a recognised complication of Tummy Tuck

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It is very easy to rule out a DVT ( clot in your leg) by an Ultrasound Scan. It is painless, non invasive and quick. Most importantly it will give you the peace of mind you badly need. Good Luck

Possible Blood Clot

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An ultasound of your leg would rule out a DVT.  If it has you that anxious it sounds like a good idea to get one and rule out the possibility.  Your physician can call in an order for one to a local hospital or imaging center. Best of luck to you!

Kevin Rose, MD
Provo Plastic Surgeon

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Possible blood clot in leg after tummy tuck

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Your concern is a very valid concern and requires additional evaluation in order to rule out a potential DVT (blood clot) in your leg. It would be prudent to continue to urge your surgeon to have this evaluated formally via a lower extremity ultrasound. Blood clots in the lower extremity after surgery, though uncommon, can be deadly if the clot becomes dislodged and travels to your lung. Perioperative protection against blood clots ( sequential compression stockings and early walking after surgery) do not always prevent blood clots from forming, even with the most dililgent surgical team. Please contact your surgeon and discuss your symptoms and concerns again.

Antonio Gayoso, MD
Saint Petersburg Plastic Surgeon
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Blood clots?

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To put your mind at ease and make the appropriate workup, get a sonogram of the veins of the legs. That will tell you if you have blood clots

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Leg pain after tummy tuck

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Diagnosis of a deep venous thrombosis (clot in leg vein) can be exceedingly difficult based upon physical exam alone.  Despite doing all the correct things like compression stockings and early ambulation, these clots can occur. An ultrasound of the lower leg is a simple study that can be obtained that may put you at a bit more ease.  Perhaps you should talk to you surgeon about it. 

Ronald A. Lohner, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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