BBL weight loss. Will this affect my results?

I just got a bbl done two weeks ago, I had to gain weight. I'm usually 125 but I'm at 140 right now. I want to go back down to 125. Will this effect my results ? I plan on working out cardio and squats.

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BBL weight loss. Will this affect my results?

The fat that survived and remained after the procedure will increase or decrease in proportion to your weight gain or loss.

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BBL weight loss

Thank you for your question. If you lose weight fat can be lost anywhere including your buttocks. You could have a secondary fat transfer at the bases of  the gluteal fold to be sure more support to your buttocks and improve contour. 

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BBL weight loss. Will this affect my results?

If you lose overall body fat, you will probably lose some of the fat in the buttocks as well.

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