Allergy or rejecting Galaflex used in a Mastopexy?

Are there any cases of patients being allwrgic to, or rejecting, Galaflex used in Mastopexy? Do patients bodies ever reject it as they do absorbable sutures that "spit"?

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Are you referring to the biologic graft that is used to improve the appearance of your areola? if yes, these tissues are more prone to infection rather than an allergic reaction. Please contact your physician for follow up.

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Allergy or rejecting Galaflex used in a Mastopexy?

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Any thing is a possibility! Best to discuss with your surgeon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Allergy to implant material

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Anyone can have a reaction to a foreign body and whether it is an allergic reaction or just a sensitivity is sometimes hard to determine.Any foreign object can likewise become infected in which case it may need to be removed.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Galaflex in Breast Lifts

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While you did not describe the particulars of your questions about Galaflex, all implanted synthetic materials have the potential to become infected. The most common 'complication' with the use of Galafex in a full breast lift is that the mesh can become exposed at the inverted T area that commonly breaks down in the anchor style pattern breast lift due to tension and thin skin flaps. When this happens when Galaflex is implanted, the mesh will become exposed. This is not an allergic or an infective reaction. To allow it to heal as it normally would without the mesh there, the exposed portion of the mesh simply needs to be removed. This can easily be done in the office. To prophylactically prevent mesh exposure in a breast lift, a large triangle of the mesh needs to be removed where the inverted T closure will be during surgery. This will not affect its sling support and will prevent mesh exposure in the face of typical wound closure break down.

Mastopexy and breast mesh: Galaflex

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There are a number of mesh products: #Seri, #Belladerm , #Flexiderm, #Galaflex, #Alloderm, #Tigr,#TiLoop, #Strattice, #ADM (acellular dermal matrix)
These are made by different companies and have different properties. Alloderm is from cadaver skin that is processed to provide a matrix that will be replaced by your own collagen. Seri is a silk derivative. Galaflex is a type of dissolving mesh created from glucose, or sugar and dissolves much like absorbable sutures.
All meshes have their own unique properties but can be used to help support a sagging breast during a lift.

Although I havent seen any reports of spitting. Everything is possible as with other suture material .. My results so far, have been positive with this product

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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