I'm 18, is surgery the only option to get rid of a genetic double chin? Also, what can I do about a wide neck? (photos)

My chin has bothered me for years since I can remember. No matter what weight I am it doesn't seem to completely go away. I was wondering what the best option would be to go about correcting it.

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Conservative neck liposuction

As long as you are adhere her ideal body weight, and has a diet resistant fat  located in the neck, a conservative liposuction procedure can accomplish reducing the double chin.  

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Genetic double chin

Unfortunately, you are correct in that the area under your chin is made up of fatty tissue that you inherited from your parent(s). However, there is currently a very good nonsurgical option which is available that can permanently remove the fat. It is called Kybella and it is a series of injections done about 8 to 12 weeks apart that dissolves the fat. Alternatively, you can do a limited liposuction of that area to remove the fatty tissue. Good luck in your area.

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