What is the best procedure to make my bridge higher and to get a more defined tip? (Photo)

I have attached some photos of what my nose looks like and what I want it to look like .I have a really low bridge and I am wondering if it is best to get a filler such as Juvederm or just get a rhinoplasty. I also need to get a more defined tip. I know that most Africans have thick nose skin and it might be difficult for my plastic surgeon to get the results I want. If I can't get the results I am yearning for I just need something similar. What should I do?

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Rhinoplasty for a higher bridge and defined tip

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Rhinoplasty is a surgery to change the shape of the nose for breathing or appearance.Raising the bridge and defining the tip is a common request in rhinoplasty patients. Skin thickness is an important factor to consider. Thicker skin requires structure (cartilage grafts) to stretch the thick skin to create refinement. Fillers are not a great option to refine the nose, because it will make a bulbous tip more round. Imagine blowing up a balloon. The risk of vessel occlusion and necrosis creates a safety concern. Safety comes first. 

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question. You should consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. In the consultation, we will be able to leverage computerized imaging technology to actually show you what you will look like after you get the changes you desire. A Rhinoplasty can address the bridge and the tip. The distance between the tip of the nose and the base should ideally equal the distance form the base to the upper lip. Meanwhile, consideration will be given to the tip, bridge and the entire nose to ensure that you maintain adhered to the African-American nose that you desire.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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African/American Rhinoplasty

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Augmentation of the bridge and  defining the tip are frequent rhinoplasty requests for African/American patients. I prefer to increase bridge projection with diced cartilage/fascia grafts. The width of the tip and improved definition can be achieved by changing the contour of the tip cartilages and adding cartilage grafts to help support increased tip projection. The base of your nose can also be narrowed. While you can achieve significant improvement you will not have the nose of the model you posted because she has very thin skin.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A rhinoplasty with septal cartilage grafts to add tip projection and to add dorsal projection would be indicated.  Narrowing the dorsal bridge and alar base also helps give the appearance of more dorsal projection.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 


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thank you for your question. As an artist I like using the reshaping technique when performing Rhinoplasties. Using advanced suturing techniques I can change the shape of the nasal cartilages giving a thinner, more refined natural looking nose. I like to find out from the patient what they don't like about their nose and what their goals are. I then examine the nose and write a detailed operative plan. Since you want a higher bridge I would recommend placing a nasal implant. I incorporate the FINNESSE technique which I invented. Bleeding, bruising, and post operative pain is minimal when compared to traditional technique. It's not uncommon that some patients have no bruising after surgery. 

Joshua Halpern, MD, PA
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Dorsal onlay

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You will likely need some sort of dorsal onlay graft to achieve your goal of a higher dorsum. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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African American rhinoplsty

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African American rhinoplasty is somewhat specialized art: tip support is usually poor and overlying skin contains thick fibrofatty tissue.  An excellent result can be achieved with the proper use of cartilage grafts and careful attention to overall facial balance and harmony. 
Be sure to see a surgeon Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who can show you a comprehensive portfolio of his/her work on noses like yours so you can gauge surgical experience and the types of results that are reasonable to expect.

Rhinoplasty for bridge narrowing

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Thank you for your question.  Considering your concerns a rhinoplasty would be a great option to help achieve your goals.  It is best to see a surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty to review your options and have them review with you realistic expectations.  Your nose can be nicely refined by increasing the height of the bridge.  This would have the three dimensional effect of narrowing and refining the bridge of the nose on the frontal view.  In order to narrow a nose with thicker skin, the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose would need to be projected.  

Rhinoplasty options

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Great question.  You are correct - your skin is thick, getting a very defined nasal tip can be somewhat hard to achieve.  That being said, elevating the dorsum, changing the light points of the nose to give the illusion of more definition - this can be done with a liquid rhinoplasty as you had alluded.  Juvederm ultra or restylane are both great products to help accomplish this.  In my experience it usually lasts 9 months or so before you need a touch up.  Regardless, I suggest you discuss this with your doc and make sure you (as well as them) feel comfortable with the plan.  Best of luck! I hope this helps.

Miguel Mascaro, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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