Too Tall for a Tummy Tuck?

I saw a PS about a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift. He said I had a lot of space under the belly button the skin wouldn't stretch all the way. He would have to cut below the belly button and stitch it up so that there would be a small vertical scar right over the horizontal one. He said if the skin is pulled too tight a black hole will develop. Has anyone experienced this problem?

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Tummy tuck for Tall Patient

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What he is saying is that your belly button is rather high up and when you place and incision down low in the pubic area and lift up all the skin, the hole that is made around your belly button and usually is pulled down tight and the skin is cut above this whole so that you dont have a vertical down at the horizontal incision. In your case since your belly button is placed very high on your abdomen, you are likely to have a horizontal incision which is the classic incision for tummy tuck but you will likely also have a small vertical incision at the midline where the hole for your belly button will be close and he will not be able to stretch the skin enough to remove the hole out.

Hope that makes sense.

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Hi there-

I agree with the surgeon you saw that you do not have the anatomy we typically would see in a patient who is a good candidate for a traditional tummy tuck. I don't think this necessarily means you cannot achieve your goals for appearance though, or that the operation need be associated with untoward risks.

There are many variations on the tummy tuck technique, and I think that one of these modern techniques may be better for you than the more traditional tummy tuck- ask your surgeon if he/she is familiar with these techniques, and which he/she thinks might be best for you.

If he/she is not comfortable with these variations, find a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery who is experienced in these modern techniques and review your options with them. Individual variations in anatomy require an individualized approach.

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