What is the best procedure for getting rid of my Nasolabial lines? And question about my nose (Photos)

Hello! This pic is after a sleepless night- yikes. You can see the nasolabial lines. In the past two years (I'm 33) they've really started to show more. Especially on the right side. It seems like volume has decreased, but I'm not sure. I always had high cheek bones and a nice full-face. I'm not interested in cheek implants, so what would you suggest I do about what appears to be a loss of volume? Injections? Ulthera? (I've heard it can take away fat though - scary) or Sculptra? Thank you!!!

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Nasolabial folds

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The best filler for this is a long term filler like radiesse.

I would combine this with fractional laser to tighten the skin.

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