How long would I be using my eye drops after PRK surgery?

How long would I'll be using my eye drops after PRK surgery? thanks

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Drops after PRK

you need to take drops for a few months after PRK to prevent scarring, if you stop them too soon you may scar

i would not perform a PRK in 2013 btw, i stopped performing PRK in 1999 when i switched my surface ablation procedure of choice to LASEK and epiLASEK, which like PRK can treat thin corneas or high Rx that LASIK can't treat, but is less painful w quicker recovery and no scarring

emil chynn, md, mba


New York Ophthalmologist
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How Long to Use eye Drops After PRK Surgery

I would suggest that you consult with your operating surgeon. There are varying protocols depending on the surgeon and the patient. 

Leslie M. Sims, MD
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