My teeth are in bad shape. I have a gap and overbite. Would veneers or lumineers be a good option for me now? (Photo)

Have not been to a dentist in 9 years I am 25. I had good teeth most of my youth. But did seriously neglected my teeth. I had one pulled and now I have a back tooth that completely cracked and rotted away I think. The tooth is gone to the gum. It has not caused pain until now. Also I'm sure I have some other issues due to minor pain. But my real question is if I could get veneers or lumineers? I have an over bite and gapped teeth. I have always wanted to be proud of my smile. What should I do?

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Veneers would be fantastic

Veneers accomplish many things at the same time. Color, length, shape....

The challenge is finding a dentist capable of delivering your desires, as this isn't taught in dental school. If "change" is the only goal, then selection won't be difficult. If "as close to perfect as possible" then you have some homework to do. 

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